I was born in the south of England, where I've always lived, despite having an affinity for the north, and even more of an affinity for Ireland.


My life has always been pretty ordinary - husband, children, dog, Sainsbury's - but I've always had a passion for writing. I never had the confidence to submit anything, but I ventured into the realm of fan-fiction, which helped to feed my ambition. Maybe I could have been E L James if I'd made my Faramir centred stories a tad more erotic...


Anyway - to cut to the chase, I met Val Olteanu on a Lord of the Rings website, and we got together (despite being on different continents) to collaborate on a novel, which has been accepted by Choc Lit Publishing.


It's been quite a journey.  Being more than a bit naive about the industry, we thought there was a minimum number of words required, so the first draft of our novel finished at 240k words. We then spent the next two years losing 130k words, to make it the 110k (give or take a few) words that it is today.  You live and learn!


We are writing under the one name of Isabella Connor, and are in the process of starting a website for the novel, which is the first in a series set in the Cheshire location of Hartswood Hill.


Check out my blog if you're remotely interested in what I have to say - and feel free to offer suggestions (clean only please) as I'm not an expert blogger, so all tips gratefully received.


Thanks for visiting.








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