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For romantics everywhere

Catch up with all the news and the amazing work from writers of romantic novels - Linn Halton, Mandy Baggot, Janice Horton, Sue Fortin, Kit Domino, to name just a few.


TAKING CHARGE -  Mandy Baggot

On the way home to America after nine years away, Robyn meets Cole Ryan, and the two of them connect instantly. Robyn plans to take over her father's roadhouse, and his ice-hockey team, whilst he is in hospital recovering from a serious operation. She is delighted to find that Cole is a top class ice-hockey player, and recruits him into the team. Though attracted to Cole, Robyn has issues from her past that she has yet to deal with. It turns out that Cole does too, and together they eventually face these.

In Cole Ryan, Mandy has created the kind of man we all dream about! Solid, reliable, gorgeous, sense of humour, but with that touch of vulnerability. I want one...

Every character in Mandy Baggot's novels, is one you can relate to and empathise with. They are diverse, colourful, intriguing, and above all, real.  The pace of the stories never lets up, and the dialogue is crisp.  There is enough fiction for it to be escapism, but there's always realism too. 

 If you would like to win a copy of Taking Charge, leave a comment on the blog, and tell me what you look for in your fictional hero.


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 George Fraser has made a success of her catering business, despite a less than perfect relationship with her family and the fact that she still suffers grief over the loss of her childhood sweetheart, arguably the love of her life.

When she is asked to cater for a rock-star's aftershow party, George's business is catapulted from merely successful to positively flourishing, although George is somewhat disconcerted by her attraction to the rock-star, Quinn Blake, who seems equally smitten with her. Their relationship is complicated by the fact that Quinn is engaged to be married, and despite his feelings for George seems determined to go through with it.

Mandy Baggott's engaging characters, and the twists and turns in the story, make for a very satisfying read. You can't help but care about these people who, by the end of the book, feel like your friends.


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SOPHIE'S TURN - Nicky Wells

 Budding journalist Sophie Penhalligan has it all on the surface. A job she enjoys, loving parents, a close girlfriend to confide in, and a boyfriend she loves.  But then fate throws her past back at her in the form of a rock-star she had a crush on, and when her boss sends her to cover the come-back tour of the rock-star and his band, Sophie's world is  turned upside down, and she somehow manages to become engaged to two men at once - solid, reliable, but ever so predictable Tim, and the sexy, very unpredictable, Dan. The characters are so real that it's easy for the reader to empathise with Sophie, and to share her dilemma, to try and will Sophie to opt for their choice. As someone who was as unsure as Sophie, I found the ending hugely satisfying, and look forward to the next book of the series.